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Southside Chicago native Angela Mosley is the epitome of “live life out loud.”  She captivates the audience with her style and charm, conveying the reverent essence of her personal experiences. Gaining her stripes in music when first asked to transcribe lyrics as a kid, she now shocks the crowd with her rambunctious voice, and there is no stopping her. She is graced with amazing energy, a beautiful smile, and an electrifying personality that places you in the company of one of the world’s extraordinary women. Angela Mosley loves what she does and will leave you wanting more in each unforgettable moment shared. During a trip to Italy, Angela met a bunch of local musicians with an unexpected pedigree in American music, and the musical encounter released a high amount of synergy.
The Blu Elements band members are from the city of Terni, in the southern portion of the Umbrian region of central Italy. Their musical activity spans more than 20 years of collaborations with local bands and membership in hundreds of live concerts. As a previous band named The Full Optional, they recorded and produced two albums that were well received and with critical acclaim leading the band to national recognition for major festivals. They featured as a backup band for the late Blues legends Lazy Lester, Rocky Lawrence, and Hubert Sumlin. They opened shows for American Blues musicians Big Jack Johnson, Junior Watson, and Gary Primich while performing at renowned festivals like Campli Blues, Trasimeno Blues, Umbria Jazz, Narni Black Festival, and clubhouses Big Mama (Rome), Bad King (PG), and the Darsena (PG). 
While Angela Mosley collaborates on various projects with local and international musicians, bringing her unique style and fiery passion to the music, it is her love for The Blu Elements that rocks her soul. Their lineup is completed by longtime Jazz saxophonist Lorenzo Fontana whose contributed repertoire expands their playlist from raucous Chicago Blues standards to modern soul ballads, emphasizing Angela’s wide and deep vocal range.

The rest is history...
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